Hello I'm Jeremy Foo

Entrepreneur, Web3, Derivative Trader

"This is the best time to be alive to make an impact"

I can read your thoughts... Why does this mysterious dude have a space? Truth be told, I have so much in mind that I figured I need a space to consolidate and share my life learnings, thoughts and what I fight for. And hopefully you will get to know me better.

Jeremy Foo Dyslexia

Born Dyslexic

Read how dyslexic made me who i am today

Serial Entrepreneur

Gaming & Entertainment

Read How Gaming Changed My Life

Trading & Finance

Jeremy Foo - Trading Desk
Jeremy Foo - Money FM 89.3

Technology Futurist

"Inspire others to never limit themselves and to face failures with courage in  order to achieve greatness"


Jeremy Foo - DinoMao Straits Times

Straits Times - DinoMao

Two Singaporeans, Jeremy Foo & Jacky Goh, have created what they believe is the first locally developed claw machine app, and it comes with a twist - players can accumulate catches for bigger prizes such as Beats wireless headphones.

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Jeremy Foo - Channel 8 news

Channel 8 News - DinoMao


Jeremy Foo - DinoMao

ZaoBao - DinoMao

符懋杰 ( Jeremy Foo) 与吴锦南开发抓娃娃手机应用游戏DinoMao,让人们随时随地都能以远程遥控的方式来抓娃娃。为了改良用户体验,他们特地到街机中心请抓娃娃游戏爱好者测试游戏并给予反馈。

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Jeremy Foo - Moneyfm 89.3fm

Capital 95.8fm - Singapore first Live streaming claw machine app

Interviewed by Michelle Martin on the curve on how we started DinoMao and our future growth.


Moneyfm - GOshot

The launch of the first ever smart energy drink in singapore. Nootropics and Bio-hacking to enhance cognitive performance.

Jeremy Foo - Capital 95.8fm

Capital 95.8fm - Entrepreneurship and DinoMao App

Interviewed by local FM 95.8 on how we created DinoMao, why online claw game apps can be so addictive and what we believe is the future for gaming.

Jeremy Foo - GOshot Team

Vulcan post - GOshot

A young local energy drinks company founded by Jeremy Foo & Jacky Goh that has been quietly fuelling local students, gamers, and just anyone who needs an energy boost.

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Channel 8 FrontLine - DinoMao

Documentary on the rise in claw games in Singapore. How claw machines have evolved that you can now play it on your smartphone, DinoMao. 

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Newpaper - Mission: Singapore

Jeremy Foo and Syamil Dasuki started Mission: Singapore in 2008. Bringing the fun and excitement of flashmob into Singapore.

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