Be in business as in life: Yourself!

Being yourself is just as important in life as it is in business. Investors, partners and coworkers are people, and people are attracted to authenticity. Perhaps it sounds silly, but being yourself is actually sage business wisdom. And yes, that includes your flaws too!

Honestly, being myself is something I have always struggled with as it includes my dyslexia. 

As I previously wrote about here, my struggles with reading comprehension always made me appear weaker than my contemporaries. Dyslexia makes reading and writing pretty challenging and certainly hampered me inside the Singaporean education system, where grades are seen as a way to determine your future job prospects and opportunities. 

This felt somehow shameful for a young man who excelled at everything else apart from written tests. I have come across dyslexic peers who have simply been taught that they were born stupid or incapable. However, when I spoke to them about things that they are passionate about, they reveal themselves as extremely gifted and brilliant people. 

This is the crux of the matter. Personality shines through, and this is true in life as it is in business. Investors are often inspired by the charisma and character of those they choose to commit to. 

This is where it pays to be self-aware. Self-awareness is about knowing what you’re good at and what you like, accepting your shortcomings, and accentuating your strengths. When you understand who you are, you can choose who you become.

With that confidence comes better decision making. The best leaders combine gut instincts with fearless decision-making, something which can only derive from a strong sense of self. One needs to find their passion and not conform to the desires of others. Often, finding the right path will be determined by core beliefs and drive. 

This harkens back to self determination and ability to follow one’s heart There is nobody else like you, so do not try to be somebody else. Those who excel in their professional and private lives are unabashedly themselves.